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Long time no see

Hi all,

Not written anything here for a long time.
Now, with the corona virus upon us, and no club to go to, I have a moment to write here.
I have a little free time so I thought I would test whether the website is useable.

It looks like it is, after a fashion, though all the fixture information will be out of date.



The BLOG is back! And Halloween gambit too.

The blog software “WordPress” asked me if I wanted to update it years ago and I replied YES.

It downloaded so much software that the server thought I was spamming it, stopped half way through and locked me out.
So not only was the site broken, but I was not able to step in and fix it.

Then someone changed the password on the site. That’s just an excuse. I got custody of my daughter, and got a partner too. Despite numerous attempts to fix things, I never managed until today. I am celebrating by posting another Halloween gambit game my chess engine (Sidonia) won.

I regularly get the engine to play the Halloween gambit at Halloween. I figure it could be a nasty shock for the losers. It’s only once a year and its becoming a little ritual of mine.

Enjoy a game of chess

The BLOG is back

Hi all.

The software behind the blog is called WordPress and every now and then it likes to be updated to the latest release. But there is a timeout for how long things can take. One day the update was running and timed out. The blog was left with half of one release and half of another. It no longer worked.

It’s nice to have a backup of things to reinstall them, but WordPress is not the simplest thing in the world as there is a database, the content of the posts (held in files), and the software itself.

Then when I tried to update content from my backup, things were having problems there too. I was sending so much stuff it looked like a denial of service attack and the website company was locking me out!

It has been a nightmare to get things back running. I effectively got a Denton Chess Club Blog running at home from the backups and then sent it here, bit by bit!

Now we need some work doing on the match schedules, so they are easier to see!

Forgotten Players

Playing catch-up

I’ve started a new job, so I’m posting less these days. Some time ago I promised Georgio that I’d supply him with a photo I took at the club. I have repeatedly forgotten. In addition to the work and playing chess and other things, I have been more concerned with getting a copy of the game schedule to Stan, who doesn’t have internet access. I have felt guilty about it as Stand often gives me a lift back home.

Stan now has his copy of the game schedule, here is the picture for Georgio, and here is a post on the blog to catch up a little.

Now I just need to study some chess. I lost a game for the third team the other day, so you can guess how my games for the first team went. 🙁

Actually, I am pretty happy with a lot of my play in the games I lost. There were just a few things I missed, and in chess that’s enough to cost you a game.

Tim Hilton pic

Introducing Tim Hilton

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post on the Denton chess club blog, my name is Tim Hilton, and as well as being a regular competitor of over the board tournaments, and a keen club and county player, I also like to do instructive chess videos in my spare time! Under the username e4e6Defence, named after the amazing French Defence. The video contains several aspects of chess which ranges from, interesting openings (mainly done by my friend Brandon Clarke) to ‘find the winning move’ puzzles to my over the board games with detailed analysis.

I hope to help the chess community and players of all levels by doing this as well as learning a thing or two myself seeing as I am analysing my own as well as other peoples games. As of today my Youtube channel has been going for around 3 months and between me and Brandon we have done almost 250 videos, and have received positive feedback from our viewers and have been featured on Yorkshire Chess. I will post the links underneath and hope you have the chance to enjoy some of the videos!

Official YouTube channel

PGN support in the BLOG

I’ve installed PGN support in the Blog software and this post is a test that it works. The game is a draw by my chess engine from a game played earlier today. The game was against a higher rated engine, so it should increase Sidonia’s ELO (rating) a little.

There are already chess games on the Denton Chess Club website. The advantage of having games on a Blog is that a blog automatically puts later content first. Another is that the games can easily be surrounded by appropriate text without too much worrying about HTML code.

Right, I’ll post this to test.