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PGN support in the BLOG

I’ve installed PGN support in the Blog software and this post is a test that it works. The game is a draw by my chess engine from a game played earlier today. The game was against a higher rated engine, so it should increase Sidonia’s ELO (rating) a little.

There are already chess games on the Denton Chess Club website. The advantage of having games on a Blog is that a blog automatically puts later content first. Another is that the games can easily be surrounded by appropriate text without too much worrying about HTML code.

Right, I’ll post this to test.

Nigel Short

Nigel Short Day – 2011

In late 2011 Denton Chess Club organised one of its most ambitious events: a rematch against Nigel Short. One year earlier, Denton had organised a simultaneous chess exhibition with Nigel Short. After suffering countless defeats, this second event could be regarded as a chance to regain some honour.

Needless to say, it didn’t quite work out as planned, and Nigel Short gave us a thrashing again. Nigel won every single game, there wasn’t even a draw.

The event started with everyone being very keen. People arrived early, proving their enthusiasm for the event and giving members of Denton Chess Club, and chess players from around Manchester that also wanted to tempt fate, a chance to catch up on what they had been doing. After picking up a drink at the bar, we met Nigel Short and CJ de Mooi – President of the English Chess Federation at the time.

I have not yet introduced Nigel Short, though if you are here, you must have heard of him. Here is a little of what Wikipedia says …

Short earned the Grandmaster title at the age of 19, and was ranked third in the world by FIDE from January 1988 to July 1989. In 1993 he became the first English player to play a World Chess Championship match, when he qualified to play Garry Kasparov in the World Chess Championship 1993 in London, but lost.

I’ve only attended two simultaneous chess displays. This with Nigel Short and another in Harrogate with Daniel King. The main difference between the two was a preliminary lecture by Nigel Short. This was interactive; Nigel not only answered questions, but asked us questions too.
He’d demonstate a variation and then ask “who is ahead here and why?” He’d point out that there is little to be gained by calculating many moves ahead, if once the position becomes quiescent, you cannot tell who is ahead.

He went through one of his games with us. I might see if I can find that game and post it here another time.


Ivan Urwin’s ‘surprise’ win on board 6 with black at 3Cs

Welcome to the Denton Chess Blog. This is the first entry showing a game with Ivan Urwin Black, playing at Oldham 3Cs.

Ivan messed up the opening and then tried to defend against an attack. White’s king looked a little exposed and Ivan gave up a knight to expose the king more. It looks like a sacrifice, but chess engines score the game as fairly level after the knight is taken, and so there is probably a way to recover the material. But a slip up by the 3Cs player cost him the game, though it didn’t affect the match result. Denton got hammered.

When I posted this, I hadn’t put PGN support into the BLOG, but it demonstrates another way of showing chess games – an animated GIF file. One disadvantage of a file like this is that people can see the game, but not easily copy it into some software of their own.