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I enjoyed this one!

Forgotten Players

Playing catch-up

I’ve started a new job, so I’m posting less these days. Some time ago I promised Georgio that I’d supply him with a photo I took at the club. I have repeatedly forgotten. In addition to the work and playing chess and other things, I have been more concerned with getting a copy of the game schedule to Stan, who doesn’t have internet access. I have felt guilty about it as Stand often gives me a lift back home.

Stan now has his copy of the game schedule, here is the picture for Georgio, and here is a post on the blog to catch up a little.

Now I just need to study some chess. I lost a game for the third team the other day, so you can guess how my games for the first team went. 🙁

Actually, I am pretty happy with a lot of my play in the games I lost. There were just a few things I missed, and in chess that’s enough to cost you a game.

The Wooden Spoon Derby

Denton Derby!

French Exchange Disaster

Move Ordered Into Advance French

Losing With The Lenningrad

The Wonderful Winawer!

Stockport A vs Denton A

Denton A were thrown into the lions den for this fixture away at Stockport, against one of the strongest teams in the league, who can boast several very strong players and had pasted us several times last season. However we have no fear and had also managed to get John Lysons for a rare appereance.

The match started off surprisingly well with Francis holding Mike Tunstall, to a draw comfortably with black in a rather dull 2. Qe2 French, Francis tryed to get a Kings Indian style attack going but didn’t see to be much in the position so he accepted the draw offer. I then as black vs Phil Sidall who opened with the Grobs!! I of course didn’t know what I was doing and although I managed to handle it fine, I consumed oceans of time early on. The board 1 game between Laszlo and Alan Smith had some very strange double fianchetto hedgehog system were Laszlo was hoping to make his extra space count. Board 2 was a rematch from last year with Pablo black vs Andy Reeve’s English which has beaten several strong players and even survived GM Keith Arkell! Andy narrowly won last year but this looked like being another tight tense game with a Kings Indian set up being chose. John Lysons bravely opened with the Smith-Morra gambit vs ex Dentonite Paul Cawley and seemed to have a really nice game with space and nice knights. The board 5 game was very wild, and sure enough John Ryan was involved in it! Him and Mike Taylor were in a very sharp Sicillian Dragon with the Yugoslav attack being chose and Mike had lashed out with a thematic Rxc3 sac which looked very dangerous but John was surviving and still had hopes of his own attack…

But then disaster struck, John Lysons overlooked a move and was dropping a Piece for nothing and when Grandmasters lose a piece for nothing they usually resign. This meant Stockport took the lead, but the other boards didn’t look too bad, John Ryan was consolidating his extra material and in fact Mike then sacced a rook to try and re ignite his attack, but this board was looking more and more like a Denton win. Pablo for once was half an hour up on the clock but spent all that time considering a draw offer which he eventually took, a great draw for him given the amount of players who have come a cropper to Andy’s English. But I didn’t have a great position, I had an isolated pawn that was blockaded and under fire and although I had other advantages in my positio, I was low on time and of course in this league there is no turnback. Laszlo then blundered a piece but had some compensation so played on and Alan was making hard work of it.

Then John managed to run his king to the kingside and then managed to earn a spare tempo in which he got mate himself to level the scores. I then all of a sudden was a piece up after my strong opponent miscalculated a variation but I only had a few minutes left and it was rook bishop and 2 vs rook and 2 with my bishop rather stuck. In the end I was forced to offer a draw so I didnt lose on time and my opponent sportingly accepted. I didn’t see too much of the board 1 game because of this but when I came back Laszlo only had a queen for a rook and 2 minor pieces but in mutual time trouble he managed to win a pawn and next thing had a far advanced g pawn! He turned down a draw but Alan found a nice move and the pawn wasn’t going to queen anytime soon and Alan couldn’t realise his extra material as a result so he offered the draw back which was accepted and meant that Denton after losing horribly to Stockport numerous times could celebrate a hard fought draw! Bit of a lucky escape for Laszlo after blundering a piece but it’s the sign of a strong player to battle on and save lost games!

Well I certainly didn’t see that one coming! I was a bit gutted because if I had have won we would have won the match but if I lose on time we lose the match and I know for a fact if before the start I had been offered that the team drew and I drew, I would have snapped someones hand off for it! Well done all for a brilliant fighting performance with a lot of close draws and a great win for John Ryan. And even though John Lysons lost, him playing of course still helped us giving that it pushed us all further down and I am sure the oversight was just due to rustiness. Well done all, onwards and upwards! Not many teams will come away from Stockport with a result this season!

U160 County Captain Topples Open Captain!