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Komodo wins the Thoresen Chess Engines Competition

This makes Komodo arguably the strongest chess engine in the world. The runner-up was Stockfish.
Komodo was written by Don Dailey and GM Larry Kaufman. From the Komodo website

Don Daily (1956 -2013)

Don Dailey, my partner in chess programs from RexChess to Komodo spanning a quarter of a century, died tonight, Nov 22, 2013, in Roanoke Virginia at age 57 from Leukemia, just about the same time that Komodo pulled ahead of Stockfish by winning game 2 in the TCEC final. He no longer even recognized his own family on the final day, so he could not know about this, but was still somewhat lucid the day before so he did understand that Komodo had made it to the final. He is survived by his wife Mary, one brother, and both of his parents.


Good Bye Don, Mark and I will do our best to see that your brainchild Komodo continues to improve and give chessplayers around the world much joy.

— Larry Kaufman


It is a pity that Don did not live to see the result of his efforts.

The games I have chosen here are from the final. The openings are played twice, as white and as black. In this opening (Neo-Queen’s Indian 2..b6 3.e3 Bb7 4.Bd3 e6 5.O-O c5), Komodo showed its superiority by winnning with each colour.

Goodbye Don.