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See no evil

Hear no evil, see no evil

Time to use up a bit more of the Blog roll. The picture is from tonight’s home match against Stockport.

Here is today’s game of mine from the club championship. Alan gave me a much harder game than I expected. I made mistakes and so did Alan, so a draw was a fair result, but towards the end I was fighting to draw what had earlier looked like a clear win.

My biggest mistake was when I forked his king and queen. I had intended to regain the knight I was losing, but missed that his queen could interpose and protect the knight. My brain hadn’t allowed for the pawn’s new position after capturing my knight.

It is late and I have work tomorrow, so I’ll not write much more.

Counter Threat

Another arrow for your quiver

Or another weapon for your arsenal. I didn’t know what to call this entry in the blog.

The post is not about “what is the best move here?” My program Sidonia played a type of move I have seen her play before and one that does not naturally occur in my mind. So I have something to learn here and I thought I would share it. She played 20. … Qe5.
If the bishop goes, then she gets a queen. That’s good. And if the queens get swapped, then the bishop saves itself in the process of recapturing. That is the clever bit really.

I am used to counter threats to parry an attack, however a counter threat from a piece of greater or equal value will usually just result in a swap and then loss of the threatened piece. That is the reason I would fail to consider it.

But here it is okay.

Just A Good Move

Happy New Year everyone

Nothing special to write, just happy new year.

I see a team of climate scientists trying to prove that Antarctica has a bit of global warming every summer has been trapped in the ice since around the 23rd. They kept it quiet till Christmas, then said there is absolutely no problem as the ice was 1m thick, they were by the ice edge and a Chinese ice breaker was on its way to free them.

The Chinese ice breaker got stuck, but no problem as the ice was only 3m thick, they were only 10 miles from the water’s edge and there was an Australian ice breaker coming too. The Australian ice breaker made it 10 miles through the ice before turning back.

Still, the clever global warming scientists have assured us that there is no problem, as the ice is only 5m thick, they are only 20 miles from the waters edge, and a French ice breaker is coming.

The lead scientist has appeared in a youtube video wearing a T-shirt saying ‘it’s really rather warm’.