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Denton draws

White to play has two drawing moves: defend the pawn with the king, or a rook check.

Hmm. Some website promised me I could put a video on the blog by posting a link like this.

But all I see is the link. Yesterday Denton had a match and Denton drew. Tim arrived half an hour late for his game. Sometimes things like that cannot be helped. But then going off chatting to Dave and Sheila during the game, and walking round looking at other games …
well, if you lose like that, you deserve to lose!

Pablo’s game turned out to be the decider, being the last to finish, and the result being something like 3-3 up till then. Pablo was slightly down and with time presssure things got worse and worse, and the match became a time scramble. Not just that, but faster and faster and more desparate. From where I stood, I had a good view of the clocks and I remember seeing 5 seconds each left.

I then started watching the fast playing of the moves until there was a pause and Pablo failed to make a move. And his clock was ticking. What was happening? Then I heard Pablo say “that is an illegal move”. His opponent had made an illegal move and pressed the clock so that he was possibly going to rectify his mistake, but on Pablo’s time.
Then members of the opposing team started say that “It doesn’t matter – you have lost on time”.

There are a few things wrong there.
1. Firstly, the opponent must claim a win on time; other members of the team should not interfere with a game in progress.
2. Secondly, Pablo’s clock was ticking, but only because the opponent had made a foul move, and pressed the clock.
3. The length of time passed after making the illegal move meant that the opponent’s clock would have expired.

In the heat of the moment, Pablo was rightly (in my opinion) claiming a win. But since his clock was the one with the fallen flag, so too were the opposing team. I think a draw was agreed, but quite who agreed the draw I don’t know. Pablo seemed a bit hot under the collar and did not look to me like he was agreeing anything, but I don’t know.

In comparison the draw on the board above – shown in the video – is very calm, though their player seems more flustered than ours. I don’t know if the draw was by agreement or by repetition, but I think it amounts to the same thing, when players agree to repeat moves. Maybe one claimed repetition, or maybe one offered a draw and the other took it.