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White Knight

A White Knight visits.

A white knight is a financial term used when there is a hostile bid for a company, and a rescuer arrives and saves the company from the hostile takeover even if it is not in their own financial interest to do so. I believe some Christians stepped in once to save the Gideon’s bible company from a hostile takeover.

Today I turned up to play at Denton Chess Club and while at the bar, a stranger appeared and asked if he was in the right place for Denton Chess Club. I replied that he was in the right place and was finishing my conversation with other members of the club when the stranger chipped into the conversation again, and it became apparent that inadvertently he was being ignored. Oops, sorry! My head was a bit elsewhere after work.

Mr Kevin Shaw is an ex member of our club, but from 1974 when the club played above the library near Crown Point. He’s not played over-the-board chess for 14 years, but that was not at all apparent. We played 10 minute (each) games and I lost as black. Malcolm arrived and gave Kevin a game and lost to. I had a rematch and lost. To give the new guy a better game, I looked around and John Lysons seemed to be our best man. However John didn’t even manage a draw either – though he came closer than myself or Malcolm.

Mr Shaw was on a visit from Scotland. He is a local guy that has moved and was back on a short visit. Since he’s not staying, it wouldn’t make sense for him to become a member, and since we let people have a trial day or two before deciding if they like the club, there was no need for Mr Shaw to contribute in any way towards the club. He bought a few drinks which contributes to the bar and thus improves the relationship between the Chess Club and the Conservative Club where we rent the room, so his visit was beneficial anyway, but Mr Shaw insisted on contributing something. £1 per person per week is less than the annual subscription, so I was thinking he might leave a pound or two and said a contribution was fine if he wanted to make one, but wasn’t necessary.

However Mr Shaw gave us considerably more, for which the club is grateful.

Hence the name of this posting – thank you White Knight!


Lost my cool, lost my game

I played for the club again last night, in the Manchester Chess Federation Summer League.

I was standing in for players that couldn’t make it due to the world cup, eg our Mexican player Pablo was watching Mexico compete against Brazil.

So I ended up playing board 6 for the first team, against William McCartney, and seeing how I’ve lost matches for the third team recently, I was hoping, but not expecting anything outstanding.

He played a Bishop’s opening with a sort of Evan’s gambit pawn (which I declined) and I felt I was being caught off guard when it appeared to win him a pawn, However his queen had come out early and after a few threats to his queen etc, I think I was – to my surprise – not only back level, but giving him a little pressure of my own.

I spent a long time thinking about a clever combination, that on reflection was not clever enough, and so I was at a time disadvantage. However by not playing my bad combination on the board I was still okay. Then I miscalculated something to do with pressure on his bishop and he castle out of all danger of any kind and it seemed like I was back on the hind foot with everything to do again, and still that pesky disadvantage on the clock.

Later I threatened a knight fork (against king and rook) and he defended against it with a bishop. I then used my pawns to attempt to displace the bishop. He defended the situation better than I could have done, but it appeared to be futile. He had to lose the bishop – perhaps for a pawn or two, or let the fork happen. I felt I had a winning position.

But it had all cost me a fair deal on time. I was down to around 5 minutes on the clock. Hopefully that would be enough to bring home the win, but I was further from the end of the game than I’d like to have been given the time. I did something I’ve not done before – I stopped writing down my moves. That is allowed when the remaining time is less than 5 minutes.

But in avoiding the writing of the moves, I also neglected to press my clock!

My opponent sat there thinking.
And thinking.
And thinking.

When I asked myself “why is he taking so long to move” I realised I had forgotten to press the clock. I pressed my clock and my opponent played his move.

Okay, the way I have written that, it looks sinister. But that is the nature of chess. You have to see danger lurking in every corner.

With two minutes left on the clock now, I offered my opponent a draw, which he promptly and flatly refused, despite having what was technically a lost position on the board.

I thought that was very unsporting. In a losing position against Jennifer Neal I resigned because she had out-thought me rather than have the game degenerate into a childish time scramble.

My opponent then discovered that his team had lost the match and came back stating that he would take the draw. However I was angry that he he refused it. I told him he had refused it and that the draw was no long on offer.

I now wanted to prove that it WAS a winning position I had.

Due to having so little time left from when he let my clock run down, I made rash decisions and ultimately lost the game. There is a moral in there somwhere.





Incorrect Fixture List

The summer league fixtures are out.

Aargghh. Team captains need to find out their fixtures themselves. While the docement below might give us some ideas about what the fixtures are, it contains rubbish like Tuesday the 17th June being followed by Wednesday the 17th of June!

On another page it mentions Tuesday the 18th of June!

Dear Ivan,

Please could you put this up on our website.

Kind regards
David Holt
Denton Chess Club

Consider it done!
Aargghh. The diagram (taken from the document) shows last years games I think!