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Nothing special – just two of my games




Chess – A game for everyone – Kings and pawns

We have a few matches this week. First, second and third teams get a game. So essentially I think almost everyone should be able to play if they are available.

Home Team Away Team Day Competition
Macclesfield Denton B Monday Stockport League Division 2
Denton 1 Chorlton 1 Wednesday Manchester League Division A
Denton LL Marple LL Wednesday Stockport League Limit League

Teams captains might know better. But that’s what I think the matches are.


Edited later ….

Well,  the captains did know better. Both Wednesday matches had been cancelled. Marple seemed to know, but two Chorlton players turned up, so information about that change had not been fully propatated. I feel partly responsible since I put the fixture list on the website. But I can only put up the information I know.

Something needs to be done to get information to the players properly!

Enjoy a game of chess

The BLOG is back

Hi all.

The software behind the blog is called WordPress and every now and then it likes to be updated to the latest release. But there is a timeout for how long things can take. One day the update was running and timed out. The blog was left with half of one release and half of another. It no longer worked.

It’s nice to have a backup of things to reinstall them, but WordPress is not the simplest thing in the world as there is a database, the content of the posts (held in files), and the software itself.

Then when I tried to update content from my backup, things were having problems there too. I was sending so much stuff it looked like a denial of service attack and the website company was locking me out!

It has been a nightmare to get things back running. I effectively got a Denton Chess Club Blog running at home from the backups and then sent it here, bit by bit!

Now we need some work doing on the match schedules, so they are easier to see!

Tim Hilton in Preston

Thought I would send you all this game I played at Preston, hope you enjoy all the sacrifices!