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Quiet afternnon with my son

Ivan – Happy New Year everybody

Hello all, Happy New Year!

It’s the end of the year and its been an eventful year.

The year started with large similarities and differences compared to the year before.
No Russian friend Lana around. That was a noticable similarity to 2013. I’d found a job. That was the huge difference. In fact, my mother wasn’t really around in 2014 so perhaps I should have been even lonelier than I was at the start of the year: I was alone with no Lana and no mum. But being busy at work probably stopped me dwelling on that too much.

I had a visit from my son Merlin and my boss at work organized an evening skiing at the Manchester indoor place Chill Factore. That was a memorably good evening and there is a video somewhere of Ryan from work falling over to help us remember it.

Another video surfaced. I had filmed Merlin aged around 3 years old throwing stones into the sea in Galway, Ireland. Merlin found the video and put it on Facebook. Around the year 2000, Merlin and I met a Japanese tourist Miwa. She photoed him rock climbing and her photo is on her Facebook page somewhere. Merlin and I are still in touch with Miwa and it’s really nice that the affinity between Merlin and Miwa has stood the test of time.

I’ve played chess at Denton chess club. Apologies to club members: the website failed to install an update to the blog and the blog was out of action. Also, I have tried to put the fixtures up, but they are not as easy to read as they were the year before. I had been unemployed and had the time to do a better job.

In the first half of the year my rating dropped. I lost a lot of games. My rating was high
and I was playing against higher rated players. After it dropped I started getting easier games.
Another reason for the easier games was new members at the club. We now have lots of foreign players from the university. They are extremely good – 1st team players – and the normal club members have been shifted downward. So now I have won some games and expect my rating to go back up.

Thanks to Stan and Phil from the club for lifts home, but also for the entertaining conversations
on the way back.

In the this summer I went to France. I had a horrible coach trip there and back, but went
to the Chien a Plumes music festival and paid some tax I owed. It was nice to see my friend
Christof again, watch his films and enjoy the company of other residents of the village.

My best friend Dave drove over a few times during the year to see me, drink and play snooker.
I have a present for Dave and keep forgetting to hand it over.

Half way through the year I met Yvonne online and invited her to visit me. She didn’t.
My birthday was approaching and I asked for a photo. I didn’t get that either. So I made
alternative birthday arrangements – hello Sophie.

I have done a long walk organized by Tameside council a few years running. The walk is at
the end of September. I fell off a wall and broke my wrist. It was a mess and spent 6 weeks
in plaster and a sling. It’s significantly better but I doubt it will ever be right.

Yvonne and I stayed in touch and I had hoped she’d be at my company’s Christmas do. To be fair she never confirmed she was coming along, but I kept the place booked in vain hope that she’d come along. I’m a romantic fool. My new year’s resolution is perhaps not to be!