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Bishop Sacrifice

Bishop sacrifice – a nice finish

This game is from last week’s home match, Denton versus Marple.
Laslo played a nice methodical game building his position and exploiting his opponent’s weakness.

The end game includes a nice little sacrifice. Well, for me it is a sacrifice, as I was unable to see all the combinations that would ensure sufficient compensation. However Laslo had clearly thought it all through, because the subsequent moves were played without delay. It even appeared that the bishop sacrifice had been thought through in advance, as the time taken to play it was probably no longer than he needed to verify it works.

Having said that. I have just had the position analyzed by my computer. Laslo played Bxh7 and if white recaptures with the king, white has MATE IN 7, starting with (as Laslo appeared to know,) g6-g7+.