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Match photo

Summer League 1st Team Round 1 (beat Rochdale 4½ – 1½)

Denton Chess Club’s first team had a match tonight. We were missing Pablo and at least another player, but we still managed to win. I say we because its my club. Maybe I should say they because its their team and I am about third team these days. Limit League might even be a better description of my performance.

Board 1. Sixten won his game. It appeared to be closer than it was perhaps, as later analysis with Ali seemed to show that from early on there was no adequate defence against Sixten’s attack. I thought at one time I saw a good move for Sixten that he missed. After the game I spoke him asking about the possibility of playing Nf6 after the exchange of queens. Not only had Sixten got the ability to remember the position, but in a few seconds of reflection he had remembered or calculated it better than I could with 5 minutes of staring at the board.

Board 2. Ali won. It looked to me to be all about queening a pawn at the end. But Ali showed after there were lines where he could trap the opponent’s queen too. All these games are way over my head.

Board 3 was Lazlo. I believe he messed up his opening and had a losing position. I only believe that because I heard him say so. Initially it looked good to me. But I think our top players are in book for longer than I am so he probably calls things opening that I would consider already part of the real game. Still, he pulled it back and went on to win.

So that is three wins.

Board 4, Tim is where it went a little wrong. Time trouble is his excuse. I thought he messed up a won position in the endgame (with just a minute left). Tim says he didn’t. Without the position its not possible to say now.

Board 5. John Ryan. I was sure he was winning early on. When I returned, he appeared to have the worst of it, and possibly be losing. He sacrificed a knight and obtained a perpetual check. I don’t know if it was forced from the sacrifice onwards, but it certainly was a move later.

Board 6. Dave Holt won too. I thought he missed a trick to cage in an enemy knight and win it. But even if he did, there is more than one way to skin a car, and he did.


First round of the Summer League Cup

Denton played at home against Marple today and won.

The final score was 5 1/2 to 1/2, with the draw being Sixten’s game on board one. I’d like to give a list of who played whom etc, but I didn;t take notes of people’s names etc.

Pablo was tired, as shown above, but managed to win nevertheless. And Lazlo won a piece very early on in his game His opponent tried to hang on to it and ended up with an skewer his queen and rook and so in no time Lazlo was a rook up. Then he just brought his advantage home nicely and Lazlo’s game was the first to finish.

Sixten’s game – the agreed drawn – was alalyzed to death by Pablo, Sixten, Lazlo and Ali afterwards to see if it really was a draw. No conclusion was reached.