Monthly Archives: February 2016

My game from tonight

I had a great game tonight. My opponent made a mistake in the opening and lost a piece, but the game got even more interesting when I sacrificed a rook to trap his queen.
The game looks surprisingly short – just 16 moves – but don’t be fooled. There was a fair bit of thought that went into those 16 moves, mainly by my opponent as I knew the opening until I sacrificed my rook, and even then, I did a lot of thinking on his time,

Sidonia software demonstation game

Yestereday Ivan was showing off his chess program to someone from work and this is how the game went.  In the days of Paul Morphy, he would often trounce his opposition, perhaps a famous politician or wealthy businessman, and Morphy’s game would be published with “anon” for his opponents name. I have done the same here, as the game was for fun, to show my software at work, and was not a serious attempt to beat it.

Sidonia crashed once, right at the handover from the opening book handover from the GUI (Arena) to the start of thinking by the Chess Engine (Sidonia), but simply restarting Sidonia handled that with no interruption to the game. That is the beauty of a stateless chess engine protocol like UCI (Universal Chess Interface) compared to the older X-board interface.

More on the game might be added here later!