Monthly Archives: August 2016


A change from chess

I decided this weekend – for one reason or another – to tidy up at home.

I started a bit on the garden today, where the flagstones at the front had stuff growing out from the gaps between them.

It still looks a mess but it is significantly better. The stuff I pulled out of the gaps was enough to fill a wheelie bin. I wonder how much I will manage to get done before I run out of steam. Gardening is far from being my favourite pastime.

I did once have a special tool for clearing out the gaps. It was a wire brush where the wires lined up front to back like this |. I couldn’t find it so I went to B&Q and they only had one where the wires line up side to side like this -. I did my bit of gardening with the new one. And then, as soon as I had finished, I went to put the tool away, and I found the one I had been looking for. Life’s like that eh?