Cool Sidonia move pic

Another cool move by Sidonia

I just let Sidonia play on the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) a little before going to bed and another move she made caught my eye as not being obvious – I didn’t see the logic for taking a bishop and seemingly giving up the queen. Watching a computer blitz game you don’t have time to think things through properly, but even in a real game, you tend to calculate the moves that seemingly might lead to something, so if a move just looks plain bad, you might not waste time analyzing it.

When playing a game and trying to think of “that great move” it helps to have seen something similar before. There is a nice trick here.

… RxB,
RxQ RXR(d1)+ (rook forking the king and queen)
QxR N-f2+ (knight forking the king and queen)

Maybe it’s nothing special to a good player. But I’ve learned a new trick that I hope will come in useful some time.
It won the bishop and helped to reduce down the pieces in order to bring home the advantage that black had already earned. The pawn that is close to promoting becomes more of a threat when there is less to stop it.

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