Best Move?

Just my imagination?

We played against Marple again last week. As I passed one of the boards I saw an interesting position and thought I could see a good move for white. I didn’t want to draw attention to the position so I took photos of several games. However for this photo I zoomed in on the board.

This is the position
r2qk3/pp1p1p2/4p1p1/3pP3/2nB1PQb/2NB4/PPP5/2KR4 w – – 1 1

What I thought I had seen was Bxg6: a sacrifice, but if recaptured it is a bishop for two pawns and the queen comes in with check, and there is a rook ready to come across and enter the action. Since the players are rated higher than I am, and the move was not played, I wanted to know if I was right.

I fired up the chess engine Houdini at home tonight and Houdini said R-h1. But I left Houdini running and after a while it preferred my move. It is nice when that happens! The variation shown below is not black’s best defence. But it shows what might happen if black were to recapture.


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