Komodo Dragon

Thoresen Chess Engine Competition

Martin Thoresen creator of nTCEC (new Thoresen Chess Engine Competition) has done it again and his competition is underway. You can follow it here.


It would be hard to find better quality chess live on the internet, and there is a Chatwing chat box, so people can discuss the chess games or chess engines while the competition is in progress. In fact, the nTCEC website is where I discovered Chatwing. I used it for the Chat page on the Denton chess club website. If any other Manchester clubs want a Chat page, I would be happy to share the Denton chat box, to increase the amount of traffic. Below a certain amount of traffic, a chat box is not interesting enough to be worth regularly looking at.

I am hoping the chess engine Komodo will win the Thoresen Chess Engine Competition. It is by Don Dailey & Larry Kaufman. I have heard Don is ill. I have chatted with Don online, and it would be good if his engine became the world’s best before he becomes incapable of developing it further.

I doubt Don will visit this blog, but …
“Don – I wish you well. Good luck Komodo!”

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