Denton v Marple

Denton v Marple

Draws seem to be quite common for Denton these days and tonight was a night of more draws.

Well, actually it was 6 wins I believe, 3 each, not a single drawn game, though the match was drawn.

This is my experiment with a panoramic picture of the match. Pablo had an interesting position – it was too complex for me to calculate who was winning. Early on I thought Pablo had a clear advantage. His opponent had a pawn which was advanced and isolated – I felt that eventually material would be swapped until its proximity to Pablo’s king would make it fall and Pablo would win.

Later it looked to me as if Pablo might create a devastating attack on the rook file. That is what made it interesting – the balance of power. I wondered (and I am not the only one) whether a back rank queen check might be the best way to play the position. I hope I get to see a PGN of the game, even if Pablo does not want to post a loss on the blog.

In a sense, posting a loss is safer than posting a win. If you post a win, someone can prepare a plan against you. If you have a loss, it is the loser that has to change his play.

So this is the position as best as I can remember it – well, from a photo actually – with a couple of moves that I think were played, and then with the queen check thrown in – which is not how the game went, but rather how it might have gone, for possible debate. Pablo might like to click on E7 to see the board from black’s side.

A final note. If Bxg4 was played as shown, it is worth noting that Bc6 is reportedly stronger. The difference might even be between a theoretical win and a theoretical draw, though there are too many pieces on the board to be able to prove it.

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  1. Pablo Lopez

    The final pos is correct. I have to admit that I considered Qc1+ and actually was my intention when playing Qh6, but for a strange reason thought that the ending was simply losing. Bad calculation … Also I have to say that to be fair after losing the h7 pawn my pos should be lost. I still can’t understand how I got some counterplay. Finally I have to praise my opponent’s f5 which proved to be a very strong idea that I did not even considered … will send the game as soon as I finish my report.

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