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Beware of Counterplay!

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I am a keen chess player, I am 20 years of age and captain Denton's 1st team in the Manchester League and the U160 Greater Manchester team. I am 151 ECF slowplay and 169 ECF at quickplay and I love playing over the board and representing the club. Hope you enjoy my posts!

One thought on “Beware of Counterplay!

  1. Ivan Urwin

    You missed Bxc5 Tim.
    It is also playable on move 28 and on move 30.

    Move 32. … Kf8 would get you out of the pin.
    Move 33. … Nf2 or Qxc5

    Move 35. … Rxb3
    Now that’s too complicated for me, but seems still winning to a computer.
    Your move Nh3+ is marked as losing.

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