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Playing catch-up

I’ve started a new job, so I’m posting less these days. Some time ago I promised Georgio that I’d supply him with a photo I took at the club. I have repeatedly forgotten. In addition to the work and playing chess and other things, I have been more concerned with getting a copy of the game schedule to Stan, who doesn’t have internet access. I have felt guilty about it as Stand often gives me a lift back home.

Stan now has his copy of the game schedule, here is the picture for Georgio, and here is a post on the blog to catch up a little.

Now I just need to study some chess. I lost a game for the third team the other day, so you can guess how my games for the first team went. 🙁

Actually, I am pretty happy with a lot of my play in the games I lost. There were just a few things I missed, and in chess that’s enough to cost you a game.

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