We miss you

We miss you

You might imagine a post called we miss you with a picture of my son means I miss my son while he’s away. Well no. That goes without saying! I mean Deaf Dave.

I am sure he has a surname, but I never knew it. And while he was at the club, he could be a little annoying. On match days, you would feel that it was a little futile telling him to be quiet as he didn’t know when he was making a noise. And THAT was most of the time. I guess he knew when he was making a clucking sound though, as every time I retreated a piece, he would hold three fingers over his head like a rooster’s cockcomb, and flap his elbows in an imitation chicken jesture, and cluck.

Despite that, or maybe because of it, Dave was interesting character at the chess club, and I miss his original playing style. I tend to think in English words. Being deaf, Dave clearly did not think the same was that most people do, and some of his moves were both surprising and ingeneous. Unfortunately for his chess results, not all his moves has the same quality.

I wonder what he is up to these days.

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