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Welcome to the Denton Chess Club Blog.

Denton Chess Club is a club for beginners and advanced players alike. The club meets once a week at Guide Bridge Conservative Club in Guide Bridge. See the main site for details. http://dentonchessclub.co.uk/

We are constantly seeking new members. Feel free to come along on a Wednesday evening and introduce yourself.

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  1. David Holt

    Dear Denton Chess Club members,

    Next week there are 4 matches:

    On Monday Denton 3 are playing Oldham 2 at home in the Hartley Trophy Quarter final, so good luck to them in that match.

    On Wednesday 2 home games Denton A vs. Macclesfield A, a Stockport league division 1 match and
    Denton LL plays Macclesfield LL in the new Limit league.

    On Thursday Holmes Chapel vs. Denton A another Stockport league division 1 match.

    Yes, I know 2 games in 2 days for the A team, Sorry. If you can only play one day that is fair enough just let me know. If you want to play both that’s great but again please let me know.

    Nov Mon 18 Nov 2013 Oldham 2 Denton 3 Hartley Trophy Quarter Final
    Nov Wed 20 Nov 2013 Denton A Macclesfield A Stockport League Division 1
    Nov Wed 20 Nov 2013 Denton LL Macclesfield LL Limit League
    Nov Thu 21 Nov 2013 Holmes Chapel Denton A Stockport League Division 1

    Please will the following players inform the appropriate captain of their availability as soon as possible?

    Stewart McIlvenna captain of Denton 3 (Manchester League) 0161-370-0299 mobile 07826162076 email: stewpam@hotmail.com
    Connor Tierney captain of Denton LL (Stockport Limit League) Mobile 07966624701 email: nxrosco@gmail.com
    David Holt captain of Denton A (Stockport League Division1)0161 344 2205 Mobile 07510209215 email: davidholt@dentonchessclub.co.uk

    Jaunooby, Ali 204
    Antal, Laszlo 175e
    López, José Pablo 170
    Lysons, John 159
    Boulden, David 152
    Hilton, Tim 151
    Ryan, John 150
    Moan, Francis E 146
    Holt, David 136
    Raichev, Rostislav 135
    Boyd, Philip 128
    Bradley, Stan 124
    Urwin, Ivan 121
    Lesnik, Eric 108
    Cook, David 107
    Wood, John 105
    Ryder, Arthur 98
    Menchelli-Lombardo, Giorgio 96
    Furlong, Malcolm 88
    Williamson, Alan 74
    McIlvenna, Stewart 78
    Tierney, Connor 68
    Holt, Sheila 36

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