Ivan’s game from last night


Sadiquecat – a proud win


Ivan Urwin’s game from last night

Well, according to the computer we both played well last night, up until I miscalculated how the endgame would progress. Mistakes show as steep slopes on the evaluation graph as someone makes a mistake, and the graph hovers around zero until half way through the endgame, where I miscalculate, leading to a lost position.

Match photo

Summer League 1st Team Round 1 (beat Rochdale 4½ – 1½)

Denton Chess Club’s first team had a match tonight. We were missing Pablo and at least another player, but we still managed to win. I say we because its my club. Maybe I should say they because its their team and I am about third team these days. Limit League might even be a better description of my performance.

Board 1. Sixten won his game. It appeared to be closer than it was perhaps, as later analysis with Ali seemed to show that from early on there was no adequate defence against Sixten’s attack. I thought at one time I saw a good move for Sixten that he missed. After the game I spoke him asking about the possibility of playing Nf6 after the exchange of queens. Not only had Sixten got the ability to remember the position, but in a few seconds of reflection he had remembered or calculated it better than I could with 5 minutes of staring at the board.

Board 2. Ali won. It looked to me to be all about queening a pawn at the end. But Ali showed after there were lines where he could trap the opponent’s queen too. All these games are way over my head.

Board 3 was Lazlo. I believe he messed up his opening and had a losing position. I only believe that because I heard him say so. Initially it looked good to me. But I think our top players are in book for longer than I am so he probably calls things opening that I would consider already part of the real game. Still, he pulled it back and went on to win.

So that is three wins.

Board 4, Tim is where it went a little wrong. Time trouble is his excuse. I thought he messed up a won position in the endgame (with just a minute left). Tim says he didn’t. Without the position its not possible to say now.

Board 5. John Ryan. I was sure he was winning early on. When I returned, he appeared to have the worst of it, and possibly be losing. He sacrificed a knight and obtained a perpetual check. I don’t know if it was forced from the sacrifice onwards, but it certainly was a move later.

Board 6. Dave Holt won too. I thought he missed a trick to cage in an enemy knight and win it. But even if he did, there is more than one way to skin a car, and he did.


First round of the Summer League Cup

Denton played at home against Marple today and won.

The final score was 5 1/2 to 1/2, with the draw being Sixten’s game on board one. I’d like to give a list of who played whom etc, but I didn;t take notes of people’s names etc.

Pablo was tired, as shown above, but managed to win nevertheless. And Lazlo won a piece very early on in his game His opponent tried to hang on to it and ended up with an skewer his queen and rook and so in no time Lazlo was a rook up. Then he just brought his advantage home nicely and Lazlo’s game was the first to finish.

Sixten’s game – the agreed drawn – was alalyzed to death by Pablo, Sixten, Lazlo and Ali afterwards to see if it really was a draw. No conclusion was reached.


Woman's world chess champion 2050

Enjoyable online game – who traps whom?

Image: Woman’s world chess champion 2050, Sophie.

I just had an enjoyable game online where my opponent tries to trap my queen and at the same time I try to trap his rook.

Summer League Meeting

Summer League Teams Meeting

Hi all,

I went to a meeting of the summer league teams today, and made some notes. This is not the official minutes of the meeting, just what I scribbled at the time and written up, probably with many mistakes.

Firstly, it appears that the league is 50 years old and will have some sort of party. The date was set at Friday 2nd October, and a venue is to be found.

Trophies. If the current holders of the trophies can hand them in by the 2nd, then they can all be engraved at once: this should be a cost saving over having them done by the receiving clubs. Also, it is nice to receive a trophy that is already engraved.

Finances. The is sufficient funds in the bank to run the league for many years at current costs.

Registration of players. Summer league starts shortly before the end of the ECF year, and so there is little incentive for new players to register with the ECF. As a result, some games were played with players not registered. The number of games was

3 Chorlton

3 Eccles

11 Sales

maybe others too. 1? Urmston

Someone proposed that the fees for 2016 be set in advance so that fees could be brought with team registration details to next year’s meeting.

Denton won the summer league cup 4 1/2 – 1 1/2 against Chorlton.

Rochdale won the summer league. There are four leagues, A,B,C,D, so I guess that means they won the A division.

It appears there are 12 teams in the summer league and 8 were represented at the meeting.

Club a B C D
Sale D
Rochdale A
Chorlton AA B C DD
Oldham C
Altrincham A D
Marple B C
Urmston C
Denton A B D
Stockport B
Eccles C
Worsely D
Bury B

Teams not represented at the meeting were: Stockport, Eccles, Worsely, Bury.

Clubs wanted a variable number of teams to play – about 21 in total – and these were sorted into 3 leagues of 5 teams and a league of 6. Actually, Stockport 1 team and Bury 1 team needs to be confirmed.

Trophies are going from the past winners to the new winners. I only caught details of one handover




D Sale -> Urmston

Cup Marple -> Denton

Roles were decided …

President Dave Holt
Treasurer Tim
Fixtures secretary Ivan Urwin
Web and ECF Reg
ECF Delegate Shawn


There were two candiates names put forward as possible ECF delegates. Neither of them was present and with little to base a choice on, it seemed Shawn (the incumbent) seemed to have shown ability to perform the role and was unanimously reelected.

It was noted that proposed rule changes should be in by the 1st of March. There were none of these. Some rules changes were considered that had arrived late. 1. Alteration of the game time from 75 mins to 90 mins each, and 2. Ability of the home team to choose Fischer time controls if suitable clocks are available.

It is my understanding that these changes can be voted on next year. Various people seemed prepared to vote this year, but there was not sufficient agreement to overrule the deadline and it was also deemed unfair to vote without the missing clubs being aware of the proposals.

75 mins would equate to 65mins + 10 second increment.

90 to 80mins plus 10 second increment.

Any other business

A member from Sale noted that some large clubs can find a completely different team for important matches and wanted to register his opinion that this is unsporting.

Teams need to hand in a list of their registered players, which will be put on the website. I don’t remember a deadline for this, sorry.

Cup. Ivan Urwin (me) is to arrange a cup draw. 1 team per club.

Fees. Unanimously decided to keep these the same. I believe it was £4 per team for the season. It was noted the league has internet banking with the bank of Scotland.

Rules document. In the absence of an official rules document, the document currently on the website is to become the rules document.



Tim versus Phil

Bishop Sacrifice

Bishop sacrifice – a nice finish

This game is from last week’s home match, Denton versus Marple.
Laslo played a nice methodical game building his position and exploiting his opponent’s weakness.

The end game includes a nice little sacrifice. Well, for me it is a sacrifice, as I was unable to see all the combinations that would ensure sufficient compensation. However Laslo had clearly thought it all through, because the subsequent moves were played without delay. It even appeared that the bishop sacrifice had been thought through in advance, as the time taken to play it was probably no longer than he needed to verify it works.

Having said that. I have just had the position analyzed by my computer. Laslo played Bxh7 and if white recaptures with the king, white has MATE IN 7, starting with (as Laslo appeared to know,) g6-g7+.